Additional Products

Black Pour Spouts: These pour spouts are wonderful for slowing down your pour so that you’ll never waste olive oil & balsamic vinegar again. They are very easy to wash, cabinet-friendly, and make an excellent addition to any gift of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Self-Closing Metallic Pour Spouts: These lovely pour spouts are not only stylish but also serve to slow down the pour so you will never waste your olive oil or balsamic vinegar again! They fit in our Regular, Small, and Large size bottles, and make a great addition to any olive oil & balsamic vinegar gift. 


Black Pour Spout

Black Pour Spout


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Self-Closing Metallic Pour Spouts

Self-Closing Metallic Pour Spouts


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Additional In-store Products

Awesome Acres (Butler, PA) Fruit spreads, with and without spirits

Crisp & Co. (Tamaqua, PA) A variety of pickled items

Evelyn’s Elegant Edibles  (Eighty-Four, PA) Soups, Rice, Mixes, Desserts 

Delizia (Oakland, CA) A variety of imported Spanish stuffed olives

Frontier Natural Products Co-Op herbs, spices, cooking supplies (Norway, IA)

George and Floyd’s Hot Sauce (Cabot, PA) Hot Sauce, Seasoning 

Gil’s Gourmet Olives (Sand City, CA) Stuffed Olives, Bloody Mary Mix, Olive Juice

Kayla’s Garden Apiary (Portersville, PA) Local Raw Honey

Miller’s Mustard (Gibsonia) Banana Pepper Mustards

Numi (Oakland, CA) Selection of teas

Olive Oil Skincare Company (New South Whales, AU) A variety of olive oil based skincare

Pukka (Bristol, UK) Selection of teas

Rock Bottom Soap Company (London, KY) A selection of natural flavored lip balms

Sutter Buttes (Sutter, CA) Natural, artisanal mustards

Tait Farm Foods (Centre Hall, PA) All natural baking mixes