Directions: Boil Penne Pasta in a medium pot with a pinch of salt and peas. When it reaches al dente (still slightly chewy, not over cooked) take off heat and drain, set aside.Warm up EVOO and Dill Olive Oil in a large pan, heat on medium to low. Add sour cream and cream. Stir or whisk together until sauce ingredients are combined. Add chopped dill, minced garlic, red pepper flakes and fresh ground salt and pepper, to taste. Stir or whisk together. Simmer on low for a couple of minutes. Add Penne and Peas from the colander back into the sauce, stirring everything together. Serve with side dishes like the ones pictured here, sautéed seasoned sausage (or veggie sausage in this case) and steamed green beans drizzled with EVOO and dressed with salt and pepper. Garnish Penne Alfredo with a generous handful of Parmesan Romano cheese on top. Enjoy!