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Gourmet Oils

Roasted Almond Oil: Our California roasted Almond Oil is expeller-pressed and lightly filtered with a deep, rich roasted almond flavor. With a high smoke point, there isn’t much that you can’t do with this fantastic oil! Consider making tea cakes, banana bread, dipping breads, sauteing string beans in Asian inspired dishes, and more. Pairs well with raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate dark balsamic and sicilian lemon, cara cara orange, gravenstein apple white balsamic. Click here to purchase online.


French Roasted Walnut Oil – Our handcrafted Roasted Walnut Oil is made in Saumur, France, strictly following 150 year-old traditional methods. Slowly roasted to perfection, then expeller-pressed, and lightly filtered. It adds a rich walnut taste to vinaigrettes, pasta, grilled meat, and fresh baked pastries. Pairs well with our Red Apple and Blackberry Ginger Balsamic vinegars. Click here to purchase online.


Japanese Roasted Sesame Oil -This delicious oil from Japan may just be the best tasting sesame oil we have ever come across. The roasting process brings out the delicious taste of sesame that is crucial to oriental cooking. Note: Sesame oil is used in stir-fry dishes, great paired with white balsamic, and neutral flavored oil, it makes a superb dinner salad. OUT OF STOCK.  Click here to purchase online.


Black Truffle Olive Oil– Late fall, early winter truffle is used in the making of this savory oil. A ‘tea method’ is utilized which steeps the ripe truffles for extended periods of time in olive oil. No extracts or chemicals are used in its’ production. Fantastic in cream-based soups, risotto or mashed potatoes. Click here to purchase online.


White Truffle Olive Oil– The connoisseur’s olive oil! If you like the flavor and aroma of White Truffle, then you’ll love this oil. Made in Italy in an artisan fashion, without the use of any extracts, this olive oil is smooth while having an unmistakably intense white truffle flavor. Note: A great finishing olive oil for many Mediterranean dishes as well as drizzled on popcorn. Makes an amazing aioli. Click here to purchase online.


Black Pour Spouts: These pour spouts are wonderful for slowing down your pour so that you’ll never waste olive oil & balsamic vinegar again. They are very easy to wash, cabinet-friendly, and make an excellent addition to any gift of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Click here to purchase online.


Self-Closing Metallic Pour Spouts: These lovely pour spouts are not only stylish but also serve to slow down the pour so you will never waste your olive oil or balsamic vinegar again! They fit in our Regular, Small, and Large size bottles, and make a great addition to any olive oil & balsamic vinegar gift. Click here to purchase online.