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Fused & Infused Olive Oils


*Our infused olive oils are made with Certified Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

from the current season and are then blended in small, artisan batches

with 100% natural, organic essential oils.


*Our fused olive oils are made by crushing the fruit, pepper, or herb

with the current season olive during the process of making

Certified Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



Current Base Oil: 

Arbequina (Portugal) 

November 2017 Pressing



Baklouti Green Chili (Fused)–  Baklouti chili olive oil is made by combining one pound of organic extra virgin olive oil with 1.6 pounds of fresh whole chilies. The two ingredients are then crushed and mixed in the malaxer fusing the fresh green pepper with the olive oil. Baklouti adds a new and surprising dimension to salsas of all stripes. The Tunisian Baklouti pepper is rare and unique to the Barbary coast of North Africa. This is the only example of this fruity and spicy green chili olive oil in the world and distributed exclusively by Veronica Foods. Click here to purchase online.


Basil– This oil has a beautiful, fresh, green herb taste. Basil and olive oil are two important ingredients in Mediterranean cooking. Great on a summer or caprice salad.  Click here to purchase online.


Blood Orange (Whole Fruit Fused)– Luckily for us, Tunisian Blood Oranges ripen at the exact time as their olives (Chetoui and Chemlali variety). We have them pressed together to obtain this beautiful citrus olive oil. Blood Orange is one of our most popular olive oils, because of its versatility; use it on fish, seafood, chicken, summer salads, etc. Click here to purchase online.


Butter– (All Natural) Creamy and smooth olive oil great as a healthy substitute anywhere you might use melted butter. Click here to purchase online.


Chipotle– The smoky flavor of our chipotle chili infused olive oil is great for marinating steaks and brushing on grilled chicken or seafood; drizzle over grilled vegetables or pizza. Excellent dipping oil, finishing oil for soups, pasta or grain dishes and a wonderful base for dressings and marinades.  Also try pairing it with our blood orange olive oil. Click here to purchase online.


Cilantro and Roasted Red Onion– Made with the perfectly blended flavors of roasted, sweet Cippolini onions and fresh cilantro. This olive oil is wonderful with sautéed vegetables, and great imageedit_11_9304931953as a marinade for meat, fish, and poultry. Pairs well with our Honey Ginger & Jalapeno Balsamic Vinegars. Click here to purchase online.


Eureka Lemon (Whole Fruit Fused)– Made in the same fashion as our blood orange, this delicious oil is produced by pressing whole Eureka lemons together with olives. A light refreshing flavor of lemon is perfect to sauté shrimp or  scallops, or to drizzle on chicken or fish. Click here to purchase online.


Fennel (Fused)–Made from fresh Fennel and early harvest, certified Organic Chemlali olives crushed together. This fused olive oil has deep rich notes of fennel that compliment a wide array of culinary applications. Fennel is tradiionally paired with poultry, seafood, and salad dressings. Used widely in Mediterranean cuisine. Try it with steamed mussels! Pairs well with our Sicilian lemon, oregano, and pomegranate balsamics. Click here to purchase online.


Garlic– Actually gives off the flavor of slow-roasted garlic. Since garlic and olive oil are almost always used together in Mediterranean cooking, you can use this in about anything. Great to mix in with pasta or mashed potatoes, to drizzle on steaks before grilling, or to dip bread. Click here to purchase online.  


Harissa– Very popular in North Africa and the Middle East, Harissa is made with (often smoked) chili peppers, garlic, caraway, coriander, cumin. The ingredients are pounded to a paste, which is left to develop its flavors for at least 12 hours. Our infused Harissa olive oil can be added to couscous, stews and soups. Try it paired with jalapeno, strawberry, Traditional 18 yr., peach or tangerine balsamic vinegars. Great with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese.  Click here to purchase online.


Herbes de Provence– With top notes of savory, thyme, and bay leaf, this oil is a show stopper when drizzled over chicken or rubbed on turkey before roasting. Pairs well with our 18-year Aged Balsamic for bread dipping. Click here to purchase online.


Milanese Gremolata– Gremolata is a traditional Italian herb condiment consisting of fresh lemon zest minced garlic, Italian flat leaf parsley and a hint of mint. The herbs and citrus zest are typically crushed together in a mortar to release their pungent essential oils. Try finishing your fish with this exciting flavor combination. It is also traditionally served with osso buco, veal and other slow braised dishes to add a zip of flavor. Great for marinating poultry, in dressings, and paired with our Sicilian lemon, Jalapeno, Oregano, or Grapefruit white balsamics. Also pairs well with our Traditional style balsamic. Click here to purchase online.


Olive Wood Smoked– Our Smoked Olive Oil is all natural with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or refined carrier oils! In Andalusia Spain, olive wood is commonly used for grilling fish, poultry, meats and vegetables. Use in potato salad, marinades, in sauces, and even pasta. Pairs well with Sicilian Lemon, Pomegranate, Neapolitan Herb, or Jalapeno Balsamics. Click here to purchase online.


Persian Lime – Zesty Persian lime is married with extra virgin olive oil for an unbelievably fresh, fragrant burst of citrus. This flavored oil will take your recipe to the next flavor dimension. Fantastic for fish, poultry, marinades, and dressings. Great when paired with our Blackberry-Ginger or Coconut Balsamic Vinegars.
Made from premium, ultra fresh, extra virgin olive oil from our collection blended in small, artisan batches with organic, 100% natural flavors. Click here to purchase online.


Red Cayenne Chili (Fused) –Made exclusively by Veronica Foods at their organic mill in Tunisia by crushing 12 pounds of fresh, whole ripe cayenne chilies for each gallon (7.6 lbs) of 100% organic extra virgin olive oil. This oil and fresh chilies are fused for two hours before decanting and filtering. EXTREMELY HOT!! Made from premium, ultra fresh, extra virgin olive oil. Click here to purchase online.



Rosemary (Whole Herb Fused)– Made from fresh wild rosemary crushed with fresh, certified organic, early harvest Chetoui olives using 100% mechanical cold extraction methods.  This Rosemary Olive Oil embodies the heart and soul of rosemary and is both complex and aromatic.  Use anywhere rosemary might be used.  Amazing with poultry, pork, or lamb, and drizzled over sautéed vegetables and roasted potatoes. Pairs well with our Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic, Oregano White Balsamic, and Pomegranate Dark Balsamic. Click here to purchase online.


Tuscan Herb– A delicious blend of herbs, sundried tomatoes and garlic. This versatile oil is so delicious you will want to use it in everything from salad dressings to marinades. Sprinkle with grated Parmigianino Reggiano cheese and a few twists of freshly ground pepper for an irresistible bread dipper. Click here to purchase online.


Wild Fernleaf Dill –Highly aromatic and vibrant, our savory Wild Fernleaf Dill Infused Olive Oil is a must-have Mediterranean staple. Made with the highest quality Certified UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it’s as healthy as it is delicious! We recommend using it in dressings, marinades, with cucumbers, chopped salads, drizzled over spinach, fish, green beans, poultry, meat, in soups, egg dishes, creamy sauces, aioli or olive oil based mayonnaise, for making tartar sauce, roasted potatoes, potato salad, roasted and fresh vegetables, braised white beans, or for baking delectable herb breads and rolls. It pairs beautifully with the Sicilian Lemon or Oregano White Balsamic and our Traditional and Pomegranate Dark Balsamic. Click here to purchase online.




Wild Mushroom & Sage– Delicious combination of fresh herbaceous sage paired with earthy, savory, wild mushrooms. The result is a decadent, intoxicatingly aromatic olive oil. Try drizzled over cream of mushroom soup, in risotto, stuffing or aioli. It makes an inspired vinaigrette when paired with Reserva Sherry Vinegar. Wonderful on poultry or pork. Click here to purchase online.



Sampler Gift Set: Our sampler gift sets make wonderful birthday, anniversary, holiday, and hostess gifts, and are a great way to sample some of our best products! Comprised of six small 60ml bottles, three olive oils and three vinegars, our gift sets are handpicked so that you can easily mix up some amazing marinades and vinaigrettes. We have two varieties from which to choose. $38/each  Click here to purchase online.

Favorites Assortment includes:
Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, Basil Olive Oil, Chipotle Olive Oil, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar, Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar

Fresh & Fruity Assortment includes:
Lemon Olive Oil, Blood Orange Olive Oil, Persian Lime Olive Oil, Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegar, Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar, Cranberry Pear White       Balsamic Vinegar.


Black Pour Spouts: These pour spouts are wonderful for slowing down your pour so that you’ll never waste olive oil & balsamic vinegar again. They are very easy to wash, cabinet-friendly, and make an excellent addition to any gift of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Click here to purchase online.


Self-Closing Metallic Pour Spouts: These lovely pour spouts are not only stylish but also serve to slow down the pour so you will never waste your olive oil or balsamic vinegar again! They fit in our Regular, Small, and Large size bottles, and make a great addition to any olive oil & balsamic vinegar gift. Click here to purchase online.



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