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Extra Virgin Olive Oils


Arbosana (USA)- Mild Intensity. Slightly floral and buttery with a slight pepper finish, this delicate oil also displays savory notes of creamy artichoke and banana. Made in November, our early harvest California Arbosana represents a smaller lot production. Very little bitterness! Price: 375ml $18.00.  Click here to buy online.

Crush Date: November 2014

*Polyphenols: 190, *FFA: 0.2, *Oleic Acid: 69.4, *Peroxide: 6.9, *DAGs: 92.6, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness: 4.5, Bitterness: 2.0, Pungency: 2.8

*As measured at the time of crush.


Arbequina (Spain)-  Mild Intensity. In the words of the producer, Oro Bailen: “An exceptional Arbequina where the delicacy of the aromas, typical in this variety, mixes with the strength and character of the land of Southern Spain. A medium of fruity fresh olives, with the aromas of green grasses and wheat interspersed with the fruity notes of almond, apple and ripe banana. As it slides over your tongue, it is at first smooth and delicate, then slightly bitter and light with a notable spicy presence. It is harmonic with an almond aftertaste.” Oro Bailen is one of the most decorated olive oil producers in the world. Price: 375ml $18.00. Click here to buy online.

Crush date: November 2014

*Polyphenols: 158, *FFA: 0.2, *Oleic Acid: 65.5, *Peroxide: 6.6, *DAGs: 92.3, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment- Fruitiness: 6.0, Bitterness: 3.0, Pungency:4.0

*As measured at the time of crush.


Barnea (Peru)- Robust Intensity. Produced in late April, this herbaceous Gold Medal Organic Barnea displays equal parts bitterness and pungency. Grassy, herbal notes give way to bold and herbaceous flavors of radicchio and arugula. Pleasantly bitter and spicy. Price: 375ml $18.00 Click here to buy online.

Crush Date: April 2014

*Polyphenols: 459, *FFA: 0.2, *Oleic Acid: 66.2, *Peroxide: 9.9, *DAGs: 97.5, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness 5.0, Bitterness 3.0, Pungency 4.0

*As measured at the time of crush.


Coratina (Australia)- Medium Intensity. Crafted by Boundary Bend/Cobram Estate, this highly awarded Coratina has won Best In Class and Gold Medals in International & Domestic olive oil competitions. This incredible Coratina “nose” packs a wallop and displays notes of green apple peel and grass. Herbaceous and peppery with the perfect amount of bitterness! Price: 375ml $18.00 Click here to buy online.

Crush Date: May 2014

*Polyphenols: 266, *FFA: 0.1, *Oleic Acid: 70.4, *Peroxide: 4.4, *DAGs:  96.4, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness 5.0, Bitterness 3.0, Pungency 4.0

*As measured at the time of crush.


Coratina (Peru)- Robust Intensity. This herbaceous, Organic Coratina is a Gold Medal winner. It displays grassy and herbal notes.  Zesty pungent notes of green tea, pepper and savory mustard greens are detected. Pleasantly bitter with substantial pungency! Price: 375ml $18.00.   OUT OF STOCK 

Crush Date: May 2014

*Polyphenols: 458, *FFA: 0.2, *Oleic Acid: 72.7, *Peroxide: 3.2, *DAGs:  94.3, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness 5.5, Bitterness 4.5, Pungency 5.5

*As measured at the time of crush.


Hojiblanca (Spain)- Robust Intensity. Our latest addition from the prestigious, family owned Melgarejo Mill.Intense green fruity characteristics with hints of grass, mint, nettle, blackberry and green apple. In the mouth there is a sweet entrance where spice and astringency are perceived in the same intensity and bitterness is a little more appeased. It is persistent with a cool and fresh aftertaste. Extremely complex and a taste panel favorite.Price: 375ml $18.00 Click here to buy online.

Crush date: November 2014

*Polyphenols: 373, *FFA: 0.2, *Oleic Acid: 77.5, *Peroxide: 4.3, *DAGs: 97.4, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment- Fruitiness: 6.0, Bitterness:4.5, Pungency: 4.3

* As measured at the time of crush.


Koroneiki (Chile)- Robust Intensity. Currently our most pungent evoo! The healthful throat catching sensation known as pungency speaks to freshness, potency and also some of the health benefits in olive oil occurring from the antioxidant properties. Herbaceous notes include green apple, green banana and black pepper. Price: 375ml $18.00 Click here to buy online.

Crush Date: May 2014

*Polyphenols: 475, *FFA: 0.2, *Oleic Acid: 80, *Peroxide: 4.9, *DAGs: 96.1, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness: 5.5, Bitterness: 3.0, Pungency: 5.3

*As measured at the time of crush


Leccino (Chile)- Medium Intensity. Produced in early May by the Alonso Estate, this herbaceous Leccino displays a creamy, malty center. Herbal notes give way to flavors of creamy artichoke and lingering green banana. High fruitiness scores with little bitterness and pungency. Price: 375ml $18.00 Click here to buy online.

Crush Date: May 2014

*Polyphenols: 285, *FFA: 0.2, *Oleic Acid: 77.1, *Peroxide: 4.6, *DAGs: 98.8, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness: 6.0, Bitterness: 3.8, Pungency: 4.5

*As measured at the time of crush


Mission (USA)- Robust Intensity. Grassy and bold, our California Mission olive oil was produced extremely early to our exacting specification and touts a high phenolic content. A huge nose displays green, grassy notes with a fleeting bitter center and pungent peppery finish. An excellent example from Boundary Bend USA. Price: 375ml $18.00 Click here to buy online.

Crush Date: November 2014

*Polyphenols: 407, *FFA: 0.17, *Oleic Acid: 76, *Peroxide: 4.6, *DAGs: 97, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness: 5.0, Bitterness: 4.5, Pungency: 4.5

*As measured at the time of crush


 Picual (Australia)-Mild Intensity. Crafted by Boundary Bend/Cobram Estate, this highly awarded Picual has won a Gold Medal in a domestic olive oil competition. Viscous & creamy, the notes include red tomato, banana mash and stone fruit. Delicate in intensity but extremely flavorful and fruity. Price: 375ml $18.00 Click here to buy online.

*Crush Date: May 2014

*Polyphenols: 194, *FFA: 0.1, *Oleic Acid: 76.4, *Peroxide: 3.9, *DAGs: 98, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness: 6.0, Bitterness: 3.0, Pungency: 4.0

*As measured at the time of crush


Picual (Spain)- Robust Intensity. Crafted by one of the most decorated producers in the world, Oro Bailen, this early harvest green Picual has a nose that will knock your socks off. This award winner displays complex herbaceous notes of green olive, green tea, green tomato & green peach skin. Processed at extremely low temperatures. Price 375ml $18.00 OUT OF STOCK

Crush date: October 2013

*Polyphenols: 380, *FFA: 0.2, *Oleic Acid: 78, *Peroxide: 6.3, *DAGs: 98.7, *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment- Fruitiness: 6.0, Bitterness: 4.0, Pungency: 5.0

*As measured at the time of crush.



************************************************************************************* Flavored, Fused & Infused Olive Oils


Baklouti Green Chili (Fused)-  Baklouti chili olive oil is made by combining one pound of organic extra virgin olive oil with 1.6 pounds of fresh whole chilies. The two ingredients are then crushed and mixed in the malaxer fusing the fresh green pepper with the olive oil. Baklouti adds a new and surprising dimension to salsas of all stripes. The Tunisian Baklouti pepper is rare and unique to the Barbary coast of North Africa. This is the only example of this fruity and spicy green chili olive oil in the world and distributed exclusively by Veronica Foods.  Price: 375ml $18.00  Click here to buy online.


 Basil- This oil has a beautiful, fresh, green herb taste. Basil and olive oil are two important ingredients in Mediterranean cooking. Great on a summer or caprice salad. Price: 375ml $18.00   Click here to buy online.


 Butter- (All Natural) Creamy and smooth olive oil great as a healthy substitute anywhere you might use melted butter. Price: 375ml $18.00   Click here to buy online.


Cayenne Chili (Whole Pepper Fused)- Made exclusively by Veronica Foods at their organic mill in Tunisia by crushing 12 pounds of fresh, whole ripe cayenne chilies for each gallon (7.6 lbs) of 100% organic extra virgin olive oil. This oil and fresh chilies are fused for two hours before decanting and filtering. EXTREMELY HOT! An essential ingredient for all North African fare, Harissa, couscous, seafood, relish, salsa, roasted lamb, chicken and BBQ. Aptly named, “Chili-Head Heaven.” Price: 375ml $18.00 OUT OF STOCK  Click here to buy online. 


Chipotle- The smoky flavor of our chipotle chili infused olive oil is great for marinating steaks and brushing on grilled chicken or seafood; drizzle over grilled vegetables or pizza. Excellent dipping oil, finishing oil for soups, pasta or grain dishes and a wonderful base for dressings and marinades.  Also try pairing it with our blood orange olive oil. Price: 375ml $18.00. Click here to buy online.


Cilantro and Roasted Red Onion- Made with the perfectly blended flavors of roasted, sweet Cippolini onions and fresh cilantro. This olive oil is wonderful with sautéed vegetables, and great as a marinade for meat, fish, and poultry. Pairs well with our Honey Ginger & Jalapeno Balsamic Vinegars. Price: 375ml $18.00   Click here to buy online.


Dill Olive Oil-Highly aromatic and vibrant, our savory Wild Fernleaf Dill Infused Olive Oil is a must-have Mediterranean staple. Made with the highest quality Certified UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it’s as healthy as it is delicious! We recommend using it in dressings, marinades, with cucumbers, chopped salads, drizzled over spinach, fish, green beans, poultry, meat, in soups, egg dishes, creamy sauces, aioli or olive oil based mayonnaise, for making tartar sauce, roasted potatoes, potato salad, roasted and fresh vegetables, braised white beans, or for baking delectable herb breads and rolls. It pairs beautifully with the Sicilian Lemon or Oregano White Balsamic and our Traditional and Pomegranate Dark Balsamic. Price: 375ml $18.00 Click here to buy online.


Garlic- Actually gives off the flavor of slow-roasted garlic. Since garlic and olive oil are almost always used together in Mediterranean cooking, you can use this in about anything. Great to mix in with pasta or mashed potatoes, to drizzle on steaks before grilling, or to dip bread. Price: 375ml $18.00   Click here to buy online. 


Harissa- Very popular in North Africa and the Middle East, Harissa is made with (often smoked) chili peppers, garlic, caraway, coriander, cumin. The ingredients are pounded to a paste, which is left to develop its flavors for at least 12 hours. Our infused Harissa olive oil can be added to couscous, stews and soups. Try it paired with jalapeno, strawberry, Traditional 18 yr., peach or tangerine balsamic vinegars. Great with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese. Price: 375ml $18.00  Click here to buy online.


Herbes de Provence- With top notes of savory, thyme, and bay leaf, this oil is a show stopper when drizzled over chicken or rubbed on turkey before roasting. Pairs well with our 18-year Aged Balsamic for bread dipping. Price: 375ml $18.00  Click here to buy online. 


Milanese Gremolata- Gremolata is a traditional Italian herb condiment consisting of fresh lemon zest minced garlic, Italian flat leaf parsley and a hint of mint. The herbs and citrus zest are typically crushed together in a mortar to release their pungent essential oils. Try finishing your fish with this exciting flavor combination. It is also traditionally served with osso buco, veal and other slow braised dishes to add a zip of flavor. Great for marinating poultry, in dressings, and paired with our Sicilian lemon, Jalapeno, Oregano, or Grapefruit white balsamics. Also pairs well with our Traditional style balsamic. Price: 375ml $18.00  Click here to buy online.


Rosemary (Whole Herb Fused)- Made from fresh wild rosemary crushed with fresh, certified organic, early harvest Chetoui olives using 100% mechanical cold extraction methods.  This Rosemary Olive Oil embodies the heart and soul of rosemary and is both complex and aromatic.  Use anywhere rosemary might be used.  Amazing with poultry, pork, or lamb, and drizzled over sautéed vegetables and roasted potatoes. Pairs well with our Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic, Oregano White Balsamic, and Pomegranate Dark Balsamic. Price: 375ml $18.00 Click here to buy online.   OUT OF STOCK


Tuscan Herb- A delicious blend of herbs, sundried tomatoes and garlic. This versatile oil is so delicious you will want to use it in everything from salad dressings to marinades. Sprinkle with grated Parmigianino Reggiano cheese and a few twists of freshly ground pepper for an irresistible bread dipper. Price: 375ml $18.00  Click here to buy online.  


Persian Lime- Sweet Persian limes and late harvest Tunisian chemloli olives are crushed together and cold-pressed to create a fusion of flavors that is superior to infused or blended oils. Exhibits a fragrant citrus and a sweet subtle flavor that will make fish, fowl and salads taste unique. Perfect for a Mexican or tropical flare. Price: 375ml $18.00 Click here to buy online.


Whole Fruit Blood Orange (Fused)- Luckily for us, Tunisian Blood Oranges ripen at the exact time as their olives (Chetoui and Chemlali variety). We have them pressed together to obtain this beautiful citrus olive oil. Blood Orange is one of our most popular olive oils, because of its versatility; use it on fish, seafood, chicken, summer salads, etc. Price: 375ml $18.00  Click here to buy online.


Whole Fruit Lemon (Fused)- Made in the same fashion as our blood orange, this delicious oil is produced by pressing whole Eureka lemons together with olives. A light refreshing flavor of lemon is perfect to sauté shrimp or  scallops, or to drizzle on chicken or fish. Price: 375ml $18.00  Click here to buy online.


Wild Mushroom & Sage- Delicious combination of fresh herbaceous sage paired with earthy, savory, wild mushrooms. The result is a decadent, intoxicatingly aromatic olive oil. Try drizzled over cream of mushroom soup, in risotto, stuffing or aioli. It makes an inspired vinaigrette when paired with Reserva Sherry Vinegar. Wonderful on poultry or pork. Price: 375ml $18.00   Click here to buy online.  


************************************************************************************* Gourmet Oils

Japanese Roasted Sesame Oil -This delicious oil from Japan may just be the best tasting sesame oil we have ever come across. The roasting process brings out the delicious taste of sesame that is crucial to oriental cooking. Note: Sesame oil is used in stir-fry dishes, great paired with white balsamic, and neutral flavored oil, it makes a superb dinner salad. Price: 375ml $19.99  Click here to buy online.

Roasted French Walnut Oil- Our handcrafted, Roasted Walnut oil is made in Saumur, France strictly following 150 year-old traditional methods. Slowly roasted to perfection, expeller-pressed and lightly filtered. Note: This oil adds a rich walnut taste to salad dressing, pasta, grilled meat, fish, baked pastries and is perfect to dip with bread. Price: 375ml $19.99   Click here to buy online.

Roasted California Almond Oil- Our Almond oil is expeller pressed and lightly filtered. It has a tantalizing, yet delicate nose and a delicious roasted almond flavor. Note: Great for sauteing, drizzling, baking, dipping and as a vinaigrette. Pairs well with raspberry balsamic or lemon white balsamic for an amazing vinaigrette. Price: 375ml $19.99  Click here to buy online.

Porcini Olive Oil - This is a fantastic oil with a flavor that can only be surpassed by fresh Porcini Mushrooms. It has a deep earthy flavor and an aroma to die for! It is made in Italy by a small producer who closely guards his secret for steeping Porcini mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil. This is a mushroom lovers delight. Note: This rare and prized oil is delicious on mashed and fried potatoes, omelets, meats and sautéed vegetables. Very versatile with pasta dishes, and can be drizzled on almost every tomato sauce dish, especially pizza. Price: 375ml $19.99 OUT OF STOCK

Black Truffle Olive Oil- Late fall, early winter truffle is used in the making of this savory oil. A ‘tea method’ is utilized which steeps the ripe truffles for extended periods of time in olive oil. No extracts or chemicals are used in its’ production. Fantastic in cream-based soups, risotto or mashed potatoes. Price: 375ml $24.99   Click here to buy online.

White Truffle Olive Oil- The connoisseur’s olive oil! If you like the flavor and aroma of White Truffle, then you’ll love this oil. Made in Italy in an artisan fashion, without the use of any extracts, this olive oil is smooth while having an unmistakably intense white truffle flavor. Note: A great finishing olive oil for many Mediterranean dishes as well as drizzled on popcorn. Makes an amazing aioli. Price: 375ml $34.99   Click here to buy online.

************************************************************************************* Balsamic Vinegars of Modena, Italy


Alfoos Mango White Balsamic- The Alfoos Mango is one of the most sought after fruits in the entire world. it grows in India and is prized for its creamy, floral notes and sweet juicy flesh. Our recommended applications include: dressing, vinaigrettes, salsa, glaze, reduction, marinade, fruit salad, chicken, shrimp, pork or grilling. Pairs well with Persian Lime, Harissa, or any of our lighter extra virgin olive oils. Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online. 


Black Cherry Balsamic- Rich and sweet natural black cherry juice is combined with aged balsamic vinegar to produce a sweet fragrant and very rich tasting product that has garnered rave reviews from our gourmet customers. This balsamic has character and will complement spring mix salad and more flavorful accompaniments. Note: The black cherry flavor is an ideal accompaniment to salads that feature cheeses, especially Feta, Goat and Bleu varieties. It will pair with all of our olive oils, but will shine with the lighter varieties or try it with orange or lemon olive oils. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online. 


Black Currant Balsamic- Our traditional balsamic vinegar and natural black currant flavor are blended to a perfect proportion resulting in a new and unique flavor. Note: The sweet berry flavor of black currant balsamic is sure to please the most discriminating palate. Price: 375ml $16.00. Click here to buy online.


Blackberry Ginger Balsamic -This complex aged balsamic vinegar is naturally flavored with the gentle heat of spicy ginger and kissed with ripe sweet blackberry. Together, these flavors work especially well over pancakes, ice cream, in jelly, or in vinaigrette. Note: Pair with our roasted walnut oil or ultra picual extra virgin olive oil for an out of this world combination. Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Blenheim Apricot White Balsamic- Our apricot white balsamic is juicy fragrant, sweet, slightly tart and simply mouthwatering. With the enticing flavor of fresh, ripe apricot, it tastes like summer in a bottle. Use for dressings, vinaigrettes, glaze reduction, marinade, fruit salad, chicken or grilling. It pairs well with Toasted walnut oil, Lemon or any lighter extra virgin olive oil. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Blueberry Balsamic- Use this blueberry balsamic over any garden salad. While it will pair up with any unflavored oil, using lighter extra virgin oil like arbequina or mission will allow you to experience the maximum flavor. Note: It is very tasty and unique paired with blood orange or lemon olive oils. Try it drizzled over fresh sliced peaches, cantaloupe, fruit salad and ice cream. Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Cara Cara Orange-Vanilla White Balsamic- This all natural confectionery white balsamic is made from authentic white balsamic aged for up to 12 years in Modena, Italy. Creamy, sultry, pure Madagascar Vanilla and the bright citrus of Cara Cara Oranges combine to delight the senses. Pair with fine chocolate, drizzle over fruit salad, in sparkling water, mixed drinks, or over yogurt and vanilla ice cream. It pairs well with the fruity notes typically found in a mild or medium extra virgin olive oil and is excellent blended with the Butter olive oil. Use this complex heart healthy combination over oatmeal, cooked whole grain cereal, pancakes or in salads. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Cinnamon Pear Balsamic- This delightful vinegar is spicy and warm: perfect drizzled over fresh fruit or as a dessert topping. Note: It has the unique taste of pear and is a great match with many of our sweet, fruity oils for a delicious marinade or salad dressing. Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.  


Coconut White Balsamic- Our coconut White Balsamic is truly unique. We have infused our wonderfully sweet yet tart white balsamic vinegar with fantastic all natural coconut flavors. Note: This makes a great salad dressing when paired with our persian lime olive oil or our cilantro and roasted onion olive oil. Also great for marinades! Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Cranberry Pear White Balsamic- Our newest flavor, cranberry pear white balsamic is clean, crisp and tart and boasts a lovely deep rose blush. It has an amazingly fruity, complex bouquet that shines in a multitude of culinary applications. Please use to dress fruit salad, with gelatin for gorgeous fruit aspic, in dressings, marinades, a glaze for poultry or in a mixed drink. Note: Pairs beautifully with the blood orange, toasted walnut, lime or lemon olive oil. Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Dark Chocolate Balsamic- This dark chocolate balsamic is rich and thick. It resounds with the complexity of three different chocolates responsible for the depth of its flavor. Top your vanilla gelato, ice cream or fresh berries. Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Espresso Balsamic- This amazing vinegar is an incredible blend of balsamic vinegars and the intense flavor of Italian espresso. The combination is so natural; you’ll wonder why no one ever thought of it before. Richly sweet and robust, ready to drizzle over vanilla ice cream, strawberries, roast pork, or rich cheeses. Exceptional! Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Black Mission Fig Balsamic- Made with 12-year balsamic vinegar from Modena and natural figs. This Balsamic has great harmony and is very rich and full of fig flavor. Our best selling vinegar, fig balsamic is great to pair with orange and lemon Olive Oils. Price:375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Golden Pineapple White Balsamic- Our golden pineapple balsamic is sweet and tart with the heady aroma of fresh ripe pineapple. This amazing zesty balsamic is the perfect complement to fruit salads and fresh berries. It adds substantial flavor without discoloring salads. Try pairing with soy sauce, ginger and our garlic extra virgin olive oil for an amazing marinade. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Grapefruit White Balsamic- Our white grapefruit sparkles with crisp, sweet, clean citrus flavor. It has a perfect balance of acidity and natural sweetness. Try this amazing balsamic in dressings, paired with fennel, or use it to make a great sorbet. Price:375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Honey Ginger White Balsamic-Honey and ginger play well together and bring a gentle, spicy heat, which balances perfectly with the moderate, natural acidity of our white balsamic vinegar. Note: This vinegar is superlative when paired with persian lime olive oil and shines with the japanese roasted sesame oil.Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Jalapeno White Balsamic- Sweet, spicy and tart, our Jalapeno White Balsamic is fantastic in marinades, ceviche, dressings with fruit and salsas. Note: Pairs well with our chipotle, cilantro & roasted red onion, or lime olive oils. Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Juniper Berry Balsamic- Herbal, sweet and hearty. This pleasantly herbal balsamic has just the right bite. Try this in a juniper berry martini. Fantastic on grilled salmon or paired with our Herbes de Provence Olive Oil. Delicious on all types of game including wild boar, venison and elk. Pair with Blood Orange Olive Oil for a spectacular roasted duck. Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Lavender Balsamic- Floral, sweet and slightly herbaceous, our Lavender Balsamic captures the essence of this ancient flower. Note: Pair with chicken, use in vinaigrettes, over ice cream, and with fresh fruit and berries.  Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online. OUT OF STOCK


Lemon Grass-Mint White Balsamic- This white balsamic is tart, crisp, clean and absolutely delicious. The natural flavors cooperate beautifully and make a dazzling base for marinades and dressings. Add diced fresh hot Thai chilies and cilantro for an Asian inspired marinade to dress your seafood salad, noodles, or use for a dipping sauce. Try mixed with rum for a great mojito. Pairs great with basil, lime or cilantro & onion olive oils. price:375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Maple Balsamic-We have searched high and low, and it appears that we have created the first of its kind, an Aged Pure Maple Balsamic, using real 100% pure maple produced at a small family farm in Vermont. Think pancakes, waffles, glazing bacon, pork chops, ice cream, dressings, marinades, chocolate cake, fruit, and on and on. It pairs well with butter, blood orange or any unflavored olive oil in our collection. Also great with toasted almond oil or French walnut oil. Price: 375ml $16.00   Click here to buy online. OUT OF STOCK


Oregano White Balsamic- This is a sharp, white balsamic vinegar infused with the exquisite flavor of Oregano, to produce a classic Mediterranean flavor. It’s a perfect compliment to a wide variety of oils, and will create superb vinaigrettes. We especially like it with our Tuscan Herb and Milanese Gremolata olive oils. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Pomegranate Balsamic-Indigenous to the warm climates of the Mediterranean and Middle East, the intense sweet-tart flavor of the pomegranate is a perfect match for hearty meats like lamb and duck. Use alone or whisked together with your favorite oil over a mixed green salad with pomegranate seeds, toasted nuts and feta cheese. Note: Adds depth to any of your favorite pan sauces, braised meats or compotes. Drizzle over poached fruit and ice cream for an elegant and easy dessert. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Pomegranate-Quince White Balsamic- This all natural, ruby jewel-toned white balsamic owes its tart, crisp flavor to juicy California Grenada Pomegranates and floral winter Quince. It’s made from authentic white balsamic condimento, aged for up to 12 years in Modena, Italy. It pairs beautifully with our Blood Orange olive oil, Persian Lime olive oil, and fruitier extra virgin olive oils such as Arbequina or Picual. Use in dressings, marinades, as a glaze for chicken or pork, in sparkling water, mixed drinks, over fresh fruit, or paired with salty aged cheese. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Raspberry Balsamic- This thick, rich perfectly balanced balsamic vinegar, oozes with the natural flavor of fresh, ripe raspberries. Both sweet and tart, it is perfect tossed with mixed field greens and a little feta or goat cheese. Note: Great paired with one of our spicy, flavored oils or as a marinade or glaze for chicken or pork. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Red Apple Balsamic- This balsamic has an enticing aroma and a delicate, sweet apple flavor. A fruitier taste than most balsamic vinegars. It is a wonderful way of adding aroma and taste to compliment any dish. Note: Red Apple balsamic adds a refreshing lift to salads, sauces, chutneys and vegetables. It is also amazing drizzled on pork, chicken or fish or paired with roasted walnut olive oil. Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Ripe Peach White Balsamic- Our ripe peach white balsamic does not undergo the cooking and barrel aging process and the result is crisp vinegar with a touch of sweetness reminiscent of handcrafted vinegars from northern Italy.  Note: Extremely adaptable, it can be used with any of our extra virgin olive oils as well as with our flavored oils to make a light, tart vinaigrette. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic- Playfully tart and pleasingly sweet, our sicilian lemon white balsamic has a perfectly balanced acidity and a clean, crisp lemon flavor and aroma. Note: Absolutely fabulous with seafood, in dressings, marinades and in mixed drinks. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online. 


Strawberry Balsamic- Both sweet and tart, our strawberry balsamic vinegar is the result of adding pure and natural strawberry essence to our 12 year balsamic. Note: Can be used both as a vinegar and condiment on dessert dishes such as fruit medleys and ice cream. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online. OUT OF STOCK


Tangerine Balsamic-This is genuine balsamic vinegar of Modena, with whole fruit tangerine essence added. The blend of 12 and 18 year Balsamic, results in a lower acid level, offset by the tart citrus flavor, which makes this a customer favorite. Price: 375ml  $16.00 Click here to buy online.


French Tarragon White Balsamic- A popular and versatile herb, tarragon has an intense flavor that’s a unique mix of sweet aniseed and a mild vanilla. It’s a key herb in French cuisine and is delicious with when paired with eggs, cheese, mushrooms, vegetables, and poultry.  We’ve married the complex bright flavor of herbaceous natural tarragon with crisp, tart white balsamic for a refreshing burst of flavor.  Use in dressings and marinades or with fish.  Dress fresh julienne carrots with tarragon white balsamic, Dijon mustard, and a fruity olive oil such as Hojiblanca. Drizzle over sliced mushrooms with sauteed shallots, or use in Béarnaise sauce.  Pairs wonderfully with our Blood Orange, Garlic, Mushroom Sage, Lemon or Cilantro & Roasted Onion Olive Oil. Price: 375ml $16.00 Click here to buy online.


Traditional Balsamic- Our finest balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy, produced in the traditional Modena style and aged up to 18 years in oak barrels. Very diverse, thick, and potent enough to be dripped onto a dish as a condiment and also balanced enough so it will pair well with one of our olive oils in a salad dressing. Note: The acidity of our traditional balsamic vinegar makes it pair extremely well with our sweeter oils and with sweet foods such as fresh fruit or even ice cream. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


White Balsamic (Premium)- Made with white Trebbiano grape must (juice), our white balsamic does not undergo the cooking and barrel aging process of balsamic vinegar of Modena. The result is crisp vinegar with a touch of sweetness reminiscent of handcrafted vinegars from northern Italy. Extremely adaptable, it can be used with any of our extra virgin olive oils as well as with our flavored oils. This is tart balsamic vinegar with a residual grape flavor and 6% acidity. Note: This is an ideal entry level balsamic vinegar. Price: 375ml $16.00  Click here to buy online.


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Serrano Honey Vinegar – Our award winning artisian Spicy Serrano Honey Vinegar is a must-have in any well-stocked pantry. Sweet, spicy, tart and made from 100% honey. This vinegar is delicious and distinct, and adds flavor to salads, pan sauces for salads, roasted meats, seafood, poultry and vegetable dishes. Can be used in place of traditional grape-based balsamic vinegar. Sulfite-free! Price: 375ml 16.00  Click here to buy online.


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